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vulnerable families in SP.

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UniãoSP is an initiative taken by a number of civil society groups that seek to avert a humanitarian crisis resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic in the State of São Paulo. “We’re going through quite a rough period in our history. Solidarity and taking care of each other are the only ways to cope with fear and hopelessness and to overcome everything by building a better future,” states Ana Maria Diniz from Península Participações.

The Emergency Fund to Support People Threatened by COVID-19, one of UniãoSP’s initial efforts, will raise private funds, and buy and distribute products according to demand during the pandemic. “We’ve focused on designing a quick solution for private funding to target the most vulnerable families affected by Coronavirus. The magnitude and speed at which this disease spreads calls for urgent responses. Therefore, we’ve decided to focus our energy on actions that are simple to execute and have a high level of social impact. Right now, we can’t wait for things to resolve themselves. The responsibility lies with all of us,” explains Eduardo Mufarej, founder of RenovaBR.

“For those of us in the State Government of São Paulo, it’s really important to be able to depend on the support of civil society, so that we can jointly reach out to those who need it most with more strength and speed.” Célia Parnes, Secretary of Social Development for the State of São Paulo.


In its early stages, the raised proceeds will be used to purchase food and hygiene and cleaning products for vulnerable communities in São Paulo in coordination with the State Government, Municipalities and nonprofit organizations.

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All financial donations

are received through our

online platform.

Negotiation and purchase

of supplies with industries

and wholesalers.


Negotiation and purchase

of supplies with industries

and wholesalers.



Delivery of products to

warehouses for distribution

under the guidance of the State

of São Paulo.

The distribution will be done

by the State of São Paulo,

Municipalities and partner


Help UniãoSP follow deliveries using the hashtag #UniaoSPEntrega


We’ve organized ourselves into working groups that are spearheading and forging initiatives for all stages of the crisis, especially those related to health services, supply assurances, social assistance and economic stimulus.

If you want to help out in another way or are having trouble

making your donation, please contact us by email at

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UniãoSP is a non-partisan, voluntary social movement focused on enhancing the fight

against Coronavirus in the State of São Paulo. The group works in coordination with the State Government of São Paulo, Municipalities and nonprofit organizations.


[in coordination with]

City Halls and non-profit organizations

[who else is with us]

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